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Hosted by Chris Cooley, this is a podcast about current HR topics and stories. Using a relatable and conversational platform, we break down the business of HR and employee issues while helping you avoid expensive risks.
28. You Can Still Receive Employee Retention Tax Credits. Don't Miss This!May 09, 2022 Episode artwork 27. Discussing Senior Living Industry background checks with our guest from Grace Management. April 04, 2022 Episode artwork 26. Behind the 6th District Court Decision to Approve the OSHA ETS Vaccine MandateDecember 22, 2021 Episode artwork 25. Next Steps? Legal POV on the OSHA/ETS Including The 5th Circuit Court Stay Order.November 08, 2021 Episode artwork 24. Part 2. Jan 4 OSHA ETS. Is This You? A Deep Dive Into The Details Of Who This AffectsNovember 05, 2021 Episode artwork 23. Now What? Part 1. Accepting The OSHA ETS Vaccination Mandate For Businesses 100+November 04, 2021 Episode artwork 22. Steps Employers Can Take Now To Prepare For Biden's Upcoming Vaccine & Testing Mandate September 17, 2021 Episode artwork 21. The Importance Of Healthcare Specific Screening As You Hire During Covid-19 In The Healthcare IndustrySeptember 14, 2021 Episode artwork 20. It's Not Over... Long-Haul Covid-19 Symptoms May Affect The Workplace. How To Address This. August 31, 2021 Episode artwork 19. Vaccination Policy Know-How: All About Vaccination Policy, Mandatory and VoluntaryAugust 31, 2021 Episode artwork 18. He Said, She Said, We Said, Gender Identity In The Work Place. July 26, 2021 Episode artwork 17. Unemployment Claims Post-COVID. Important Facts & Must-Have DocumentationJune 21, 2021 Episode artwork 16. How To Prevent Adverse Action Lawsuits With Proper ScreeningJune 17, 2021 Episode artwork 15. New Vaccine Work Q&A. Can Employers Mandate Vaccination For Work? May 26, 2021 Episode artwork 14. Feeling Anti-Social? Social Media Screening With FCRA Compliance In Mind! May 06, 2021 Episode artwork 13. You Need This Extra Step To Avoid Adverse Action Lawsuits With Background ScreeningApril 05, 2021 Episode artwork 12. Changes to Employee Retention Credit Puts More Money In Your PocketApril 02, 2021 Episode artwork 11. FAQ about American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) & COBRA Subsidy ProvisionsMarch 22, 2021 Episode artwork 10. How the Employee Retention Credit Can Put Money in Your Pocket in 2021March 05, 2021 Episode artwork 9. Employee Screening–Protecting The Employer From Risk.February 26, 2021 Episode artwork 8. Can your business require employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine?February 16, 2021 Episode artwork 7. It's a New Year! The FFCRA Stimulus Explained Into 2021.January 25, 2021 Episode artwork 6. Part II. ACA in the Supreme Court with Misty BakerDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork 5. Wrapping up HR 2020. End of year HR discussed. November 09, 2020 Episode artwork 4. Partner Perfect. Offering HR Services Increases Service Bureau Revenues. November 05, 2020 Episode artwork